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Why we are the Best Dentists In Gurgaon (Gurugram), Haryana

We are the best dentists in Gurgaon with a rare combination of individualism, commitment, perfect Dentists, precision, composure, and compassion. We substitute every means to deliver you the simplest within the world of dentistry.

Our clinic’s objective is to supply every patient with a cheap yet best-in-class treatment inside our greatest dental clinic near me in Gurgaon, while also taking care of their utmost comfort, beauty, hygiene, and safety.

With our 6 chairs, multi-specialty dental clinic Gurugram, you’ll always be assured to urge the simplest within the world of Dentistry with an attached lifetime warranty on every treatment we perform.

1 Affordable Dental Services

Our heart is usually set to interrupt the mold and provides you an experience that has been conceptualized to deliver world-class care, at feasible rates to all or any within the city of Gurgaon.

We’ve India’s one-of-its-kind facility with stringent internal control, helping you get the simplest treatment yet affordable pricing compared to the other dental clinic in Gurugram.

For extra convenience, we even offer you hand to pay us via an EMI method at 0% interest rates to lower the financial burden caused thanks to sudden conditions. we’ve innumerable special packages which will assist you to treat your orthodontist condition stress-free.

2.Innovative Dental Treatments Used

New breakthroughs are being registered now than in Dentistry. At Cusp  Maxillofacial Centre, we’ve all types of innovative orthodontist treatments done by professional dentists to supply sustainable solutions to all or any patients.

We are skilled within the field of dentistry, Dental Implants and jaw surgeries, Smile Makeover, Invisible Braces, Kids Dentistry, hair transplant, and dermal procedures also.

And these procedures including Painless Root Canals are performed by orthodontist specialists at Cusp & Maxillofacial Centre, the best dentist near you Gurugram using the simplest armamentarium to form the procedure as quickly and cozy as possible.

We always back you with services that assure our reliability and proficiency within the entire treatment process.

We are COVID-19 Ready

While maintaining proper sterilization and hygiene measures following WHO & ICMR protocols, our team of dentist surgeons at Cusp Maxillofacial Centre, act on ethical values and follow a strict code of sterilization.

Our entire staff undergoes regular drills to remain updated with safety protocols as per CDC and Indian Dental Association.

Who are Dentists?

Doctors or Surgeons who are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of mouth diseases and problems are called Dentists.

The branch of drugs that deals with the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, infection, disorders, and medical conditions of the mouth is named Dentistry. it’s also called oral medicine or dentistry.

Dentistry involves the mouth, teeth, gums, and related areas. Some studies have shown that diseases relating to the teeth and gums can be indicative or indicators of some health issues.

The health of the mouth is essential to the general overall health of the body and a dentist will encourage and assist their patients in maintaining a healthy mouth by regular cleaning and check-ups.

What does a Dentist do?

A dentist performs many important duties in the maintenance of oral health. Check-ups are a major part of the job and are important for patients to keep on top of their oral care.

In addition to general check-ups, general dentistry involves basic treatments that can be done at a regular dental office. Such procedures might include filling a tooth, performing a minor surgical procedure such as tooth extraction, and cleaning and scaling polishing teeth.

Types of Dentist

Not all dentists are created equal, but they all have a common goal, helping you have and keep a healthy mouth. Find out the different types of dental specialties and exactly what they do

Pedodontics – Pediatric Dentist

While general dentists are allowed to treat patients of any age, pediatric dentists are specially trained to address specific needs and oral health of children and teens, like fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Endodontist – The Tooth Root Doctor

Endodontists are highly trained in the normal functions, causes, and effects of dental disease and the relationship between the two, concerning the human dental pulp – that is, the center of the tooth, made up of living connective tissue and cells. And the tissues surrounding the root.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are orthopedic facial surgeons treating a wide variety of dental issues, from the removal of impacted teeth to dental implants, and reconstructive facial surgery.

This specialty diagnoses and treats diseases, injuries, and defects of both hard and soft tissue in the oral (mouth) and maxillofacial (jaw and face) regions.

Orthodontist – The Alignment Dentist

Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned or mispositioned teeth or jaws. Orthodontic dentists will correct misalignment of teeth, gaps, overbite or underbite, or other abnormalities of the jaw, bite, or teeth, using non-surgical procedures.

Periodontist – The Gum Specialist

Of all dental specialties, periodontists are dentists specializing in the care and prevention of gum-related diseases and the treatment of oral inflammation. Periodontists often treat more problematic cases or severe gum disease with a wide range of treatment including scaling and root planning

Prosthodontist – The Restoration Dentist

A prosthodontist is certified in the restoration and replacement of broken or missing teeth. Using crowns & bridges, or dentures, prosthodontists understand the dynamics of a smile and are trained to create replacements to address the oral function, comfort, appearance, and oral health of patients with missing or deficient teeth.

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Dr.Akhilesh BhaskarB.D.S., M.D.S
Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry
Dr.Anu BhatiaB.D.S., M.D.S.
Dr.Arjun DhimanM.D, pH.D
  • Qualification
    B.D.S., M.D.S.- Prosthodontist: Dental Implant and Crown specialist
  • Certification
    • He secured an All India 1 st rank in AIIMS, New Delhi and did his masters in Prosthodontics from there.
  • Awards
    • All India 1 st rank in AIIMS
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