Is there a black spot or a cavity/hole in your tooth where food gets stuck? If yes, your teeth need to be filled.

A tooth-colored dental fillings restores your tooth back to health making it look as natural as before.

It’s typically a simple and painless procedure and generally takes about an hour.

A filling is basically repairing the damage done by decay in a tooth and is one of the most common and routine dental fillings procedures.

  • The dentist will examine your mouth and check the cavity with instruments.
  • An x-ray may be needed to see the extent of the decay on the tooth.
  • Anesthesia is usually not required for a superficial cavity but in case of a deep cavity, numbing of that tooth area may be needed.
  • Mostly a drill is used to remove the decay and clean the tooth cavity.
  • Now, the cavity is sterilized and filled. Usually a tooth coloured filling material is used which sets with the help of a blue wavelength light.
  • The filled surface is then checked for high points and polished.



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