What if we tell you that you can see into the future? Yes, it’s true.

We let you see your transformed Digital smile designing before you actually get anything done on your teeth. See the results for yourself virtually on your face before deciding to go for the treatment.

Digital Smile Designing is a treatment planning protocol for correcting and managing shapes, contours, and colors of teeth as they appear in a smile and creating a harmonious balance in facial and dental structures using digital technology.

This part of esthetic/cosmetic dentistry allows the dentist to analyze the facial and dental proportions of the patient through a series of high-quality digital videos and photographs and through them gain knowledge of the relationship between teeth and their surrounding hard and soft tissues.

This data is transferred to a computer and digitally manipulated keeping the patient’s desires in mind. The final customized designs are shared with the dental technicians, specialists, and the patient and after all the necessary changes as needed, a mock-up can be made for a real-life provisional or temporary experience of the customized smile which can then be turned into a permanent experience.

This system increases the confidence and reduces the stress of the patient as they are already aware of the end results.



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