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Cusp Dental Clinic has of the Best root canal specialist in gurgaon. A single root canals are used to save rest of the teeth. A number of factors like damage to pulp due to deep cavity, deep decay, fracture of tooth , discoloration at the tip or chewing surface of tooth etc require a root canal treatment.

RCT has better prognosis when compared with multiple roots in case of teeth with root tip damage.

According to the root canal specialist in gurgaon root canal treatment has three phases i.e. cleaning, shaping and obturation. This process is carried out under rubber dam isolation with aim to provide good working conditions

Don’t delay the treatment because of fear of pain. Our Specialists provide pain-free ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (RCT), quick and efficient treatments.

Most of the RCTs that are performed today are single visits, but multiple visits may be required in some cases (like active pus drainage/ large infection).


In common language, root canal treatment is most commonly done on a decayed tooth where the infection has reached the nerves and blood supply of the tooth. The nerves of such teeth become inflamed and irritated causing pain. It may also lead to swelling if left untreated. This treatment saves your natural tooth from being removed.


There are various reasons as to why a tooth will go for root canal treatment. The first and foremost would be deep decay in the tooth, it is also done in cases where a tooth has chipped off/ cracked till the level of nerves or due to trauma to the face leading to injury to the nerves of teeth. Another reason could be a large deep filling which over time may require RCT if pain and/ or swelling occurs.


In this treatment, the dentist first numbs the tooth by giving local anesthesia following which a hole is drilled in the tooth and infected nerves and tissue inside the tooth are removed and the area is cleaned thoroughly. Once cleaned, the canals in the tooth are filled and sealed.


  • With all the advancements in the field of dentistry, this procedure is no longer painful and prolonged. There are various kinds of anesthesia and equipment to make the procedure comfortable and quick.
  • A root canal-treated tooth can typically last a lifetime if maintained well but, in some cases, due to certain factors it may get re-infected and in such cases, a re-root canal is done to save the tooth.
  • This treatment has a very high success rate and helps to keep your natural teeth in your mouth in a healthy manner.
  • We provide single sitting RCTs wherever possible and only a root canal specialist will work on such a case. Few cases may require additional 1 or 2 sittings due to severe infection and you will be intimated for the same timely.


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