Why stay with yellow teeth when you can get sparkling teeth whitening in no time and with no side effects.

We use the best quality tooth bleaching products which have been tried and tested for years.

Our smile is our biggest asset and one of the first things people notice in us. Everyone wishes for sparkling white teeth and we perceive a bright smile as attractive and desirable and a confidence booster.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is the process of lightening the color of teeth.

Teeth become yellow over time due to a variety of reasons :

Few reasons are-

  • Age
  • Habits like smoking
  • Intake of colored food items and tea or coffee
  • Changes inside your tooth e.g. death of the nerve or root canal treatment
  • Generalized stains on teeth could be due to fluorosis or side effect of some medicine

Our doctors are highly skilled and can provide you with a whiter dazzling digital smile in one sitting. We have two options- one is an in-office bleaching where we use stronger reagents in a controlled systematic manner for immediate results and the second option we provide is making arrangements for you to do teeth bleaching at home with milder substances which will whiten your teeth over a period of time.

Teeth bleaching results are long-lasting, fast, convenient, comfortable, and safe with minimal or no sensitivity.


  • We take your base shade of your teeth
  • A rubber dam barrier is placed on your teeth to protect your gums and mouth
  • A highly efficacious bleaching solution is applied to your teeth carefully
  • A special light is used to activate the solution on your teeth
  • Get amazing results on the dental chair and compare your previous base shade with your bleached tooth shade


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