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Best Pediatric Dentist Gurgaon

CUSP DENTAL & MAXILLOFACIAL CENTRE, Dental Clinic in Gurugram is a unique state-of-the-art facility in the field of dentistry, which houses a perfect combination of high-end technology and a team of specialized and experienced Doctors to meet all your oral health needs. Our team of doctors comprises specialists from PGI (Chandigarh), AIIMS (New Delhi), Maulana Azad (New Delhi), RML Hospital (New Delhi), Army Dental College, Nobel Biocare certified Implant Specialist, Platinum-Elite Invisalign Provider.

Pediatric Dentistry (Kids’ Dentistry) is the branch of dentistry that specializes in taking care of oral health in infants through childhood and adolescence. The primary dentition is also known as baby teeth or milk teeth and is the first set of teeth to erupt into the oral cavity and play a vital role in the growth, development, and speech of a child

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CUSP Dental Pediatric Dentist Gurgaon

CUSP DENTAL & MAXILLOFACIAL CENTRE is a premium pediatric dentist center located in Gurugram, Haryana which focuses on revolutionizing the way children experience dental care. Our Pedodontists (Kids Dentist) are specialized from Army Dental College and well trained in handling kids across all age groups. We even specialize in dealing with uncooperative or Special needs children, with our training in Nitrous Oxide (conscious sedation) and GA (general anesthesia). Our core principles are rooted in delivering exceptional service that relieves anxiety & ensures proper care of your child’s specialized dental needs. Our philosophy emphasizes a preventative methodology that will prevent the onset of serious dental problems.

Pediatric Dentistry Services

Strip crowns, metal-free fillings, extractions, pulpotomies(root canals), extractions, child counseling, habit breakers, other restorative procedures.

Dentistry For Special Kids

Our staff is trained to handle the complexities of treating patients with special needs —both young and old. We use relaxation techniques like Nitrous Oxide (conscious sedation) and GA (general anesthesia) that help in handling the needs of kids with special needs.

Preventive Dentistry For Kids

Oral examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, x-rays, oral hygiene instructions, nutrition advice, behavior counseling, habit-breaking appliances, and mouth guards.

Pediatric Orthodontics

Early assessment and orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite, Invisalign, orthodontic and Myofuntional appliances & the latest types of clear orthodontic braces or aligners by experienced Orthodontists.

Preventive dentistry

Early care of all gum and teeth-related diseases to maintain the primary teeth in good condition until they are shed off and their permanent successor teeth erupt in place is of prime importance.

The primary teeth play several roles in a child’s development from infant to adulthood. By maintaining the optimal space in the mouth needed to form permanent dentition, helping children cut, chew, and break down food boluses into smaller pieces to promote better digestion of food and absorption of essential nutrients. Therefore every individual’s overall growth and development is assisted by the management of a good set of primary dentition.

The treatment procedures performed on primary dentition are often similar to those on permanent teeth and include a wide range of restorative, aesthetic, and preventive management methodologies.

Our team of Pediatric Dentist specialists stretches services starting with a careful clinical and a radiographic check-up if needed to assess the growth pattern and malformations in the primary dentition of all children. They also offer preventive treatments including dietary and oral hygiene counselling, fluoride applications to avoid decay to the recovery of extensively decayed teeth – root canal treatment and crown placements.

How to Find the Best Pediatric Dentist Gurgaon?

Finding the best dentist in Gurgaon for you and your family isn’t that easy when many dentists are practicing in Gurgaon with their own specializations, specific locations, and office hours.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a center visit or online video interview, we have discovered Top Dentists for you. All specialists related to Cusp Dental Clinic are thoroughly professional, well learned, and experienced.

We are a pioneer in effortless dental treatment with the latest technology and experience shared by a select few in Gurgaon/Delhi/NCR.



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Vikas Agarwal

Best dental clinic with best dentist. Dr. mohit is known for well behavior n knowledgeable prosthodontist n implantologist. Highly recommended dental setup in this region

Ta Gore

Got my RCT done here. The Doctor(Shivani) is very professional and efficient. Pricing is decent as well. Office is modern and well maintained. Definitely worth recommending.

Sahil Yadav

The implant procedure done by Dr. Mohit on me was very smooth and I didn't feel a thing. The same goes for the post implant procedure which was handled by Dr. Shivani. Great team of doctors and very clean and bright clinic.

Tushar Gupta

I recently visited Cusp Dental for a dental problem and my experience was great. I was apprehensive in the beginning because of covid but the clinic doctors followed all protocols and the treatment given to me by dr Shivani was very professional, affordable and good.

Neha Phogat

I finally have gapless teeth and that's all thanks to Dr. Dhiman and Dr. Shivani. All possible options were suggested and explored with a lot of patience and I finally decided to go in for veneers. I was made to feel very comfortable during all my appointments and great care was taken to make the journey as smooth as possible. Also, they have been very particular about maintaining all COVID protocols. Highly recommend the clinic.

Vashti Talwar

My mom needed an urgent dental treatment and I googled this clinic and booked an appointment for her. Dr Mohit offered her a painless and quick treatment. The clinic is very well managed and they follow all necessary COVID precautions. Highly recommend both the doctor and the clinic'


I went to Dr. Mohit was a dental emergency. It took him one sitting to treat the problem and I'm totally pain free. Very efficient team of doctors.

Ashok Yadav

Dr. Mohit and Dr. Shivani, both explained me the root cause of the teeth problem. They explained me all the procedures in depth. The clinic is very neat and clean. All the medical equipment are world class. #professionalisum #affordable

Prachi Kashyap

Very nice clinic with full safety and precaution during this pandemic. Had a very nice experience of my treatment which was RCT and teeth cleaning...l always visit this clinic for my dental problem as the doctor is very professional and has given full satisfactory treatment

Neeraj Khatkar

Great experience here at this clinic, very satisfied with my treatment and Dr. Mohit is a gem of a person and treats patient with utmost care with highest level of professionalism . Loved everything about the clinic. Visited so many dental clinics but this is one of its kind and nobody can match its standards and doctors . Will recommend to everyone .))

Poormima Sharma

Strongly recommend Cusp Dental. Dr Mohit solved my tooth problem which was troubling me for so long and past 3 doctors couldn't treat it well

Vipin Kumar

CUSP is one stop solution for every dental problems. Dr. Mohit & Dr. Shivani is well experienced and knowledgeable. My Daughter has taken the RCT treatment from there and got permanent solution for her teeth. I was also convinced from the behavior of doctors, doctors are very interactive and resolved my all queries and cleared my all doubts. I will also prefer to go CUSP for any dental problem and also recommend my friends to go there.

Vipin Kumar

CUSP is one stop solution for every dental problems. Dr. Mohit & Dr. Shivani is well experienced and knowledgeable. My Daughter has taken the RCT treatment from there and got permanent solution for her teeth. I was also convinced from the behavior of doctors, doctors are very interactive and resolved my all queries and cleared my all doubts. I will also prefer to go CUSP for any dental problem and also recommend my friends to go there.

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