Dentistry for Special Needs

Oral Health is an inextricable part of the general health and well-being of a person. The risk of oral infections is higher in children with special needs.

We deal with the problem with utmost care and gentleness. We have trained specialists and Dentistry for special needs equipment to manage such patients.

Dentistry for Special Needs: -

Dental care for patients with special needs requires a multi-disciplinary approach keeping all the health problems in mind. They are more prone to oral diseases throughout their life owing to their low immunity and associated general physical, mental and behavioral problems.

Modifications in the conventional treatment plans are required while providing dental care to patients with disabilities. Patients with special needs including but not limited to individuals who are disabled due to physical limitations, developmental issues, medical complications, and cognitive impairments.

Individuals may have more than one disability for which medical assistance or the use of specialized equipment, services, or programs may be required.

We at Cusp Dental have trained kids Dentistry for special needs who are prepared to accommodate patients with special needs, regardless of the type of disability.

We have a preventive approach in these patients. We not only treat the problem but also provide preventive treatments to avoid oral infections and diseases in the future as well as nutritional counseling and special oral hygiene instructions and demonstrations.

Our specialists have clear knowledge regarding the risks involved in the treatment for such patients and a great deal of experience in handling various types of patients with special needs. They carry out the treatment in a phased manner following all necessary protocols and with a lot of patience. We strive to provide the best possible treatment for the patient with the least discomfort and the finest dentist near you in Gurugram

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